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Angel Plaza, Interior Design Program, Cracow

Interior design program for the complex of 176 exclusive apartments Angel Plaza in Cracow designed in 2005 for real estate company from London. Choice of 3 stylistic versions: CLASSIC, MINIMAL, ORGANIC, choice of 3 standards: silver, gold, and platinum (all together 9 versions to choose). Fully-fledged, finished spaces, furnished bathroom, painted walls, flooring in the entire flat, walk-in closets, and the lamps, which needed to be installed.

MINIMAL platinum package
MINIMAL gold package
MINIMAL silver package

MINIMAL STYLE: the beauty of bare, essential lines, simplicity of geometric forms, ascetic details. Natural materials and colours in contrast amongst textures and saturation (dark-light). Steel grey of hard mat stones – granite or black marble composite or cream beige of soft dolomite counter top, sandstone, limestone. Smooth wenge veneer. Linen, cotton natural fabric, simple, leather furniture, “Le Corbusier” style, opaque glass divisions.

ORGANIC platinum package

ORGANIC gold package
ORGANIC silver package

ORGANIC STYLE: soft, round forms, differentiated materials in contrast between shiny or mat /opaque or translucent surfaces. White – pastel or full colour – with a bit of black here and there. Laminate, lacquered surfaces, veneer, vinyl flooring, printed tiles with fruit motives. Colourful walls. Acrylic fluorescent furniture and details. Coloured glass. Cartoon -like, graphic signs and symbols. Shiny chrome elements.

CLASSIC platinum package

CLASSIC gold package

CLASSIC silver package

CLASSIC STYLE: red brick, solid oak wood, parquet mosaic, cast iron bath and retro accessories and furnishings, brass lamps, candelabras and handles, mosaics in natural soft stone or marble, glazed decorative tiles, polished decors in the bathroom, retro décor-painted walls or wallpapers, pastel colours of carpeting, rugs, upholstery and fabrics with a pattern of roses – salmon pink, wine red, gold, cream beige, chocolate brown, smoke-grey, dark green, olive. Crystal mirrors in golden frames. Stained-glass décors.

Katarzyna Kowal

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