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Bielawa Apartment

House 240 m2 in Bielawa, Warsaw, 2009-2010. Main idea of the design was to open the space of the apartment of many small rooms. By demolishing construction walls, kitchen was connected to dinning room and living room to library. The owners gained wide, full of light open space on the ground floor for living. On the 1st floor same way 2 rooms were connected to design huge master bedroom with open bathroom. Minimalistic space is alived by vivid colours and playful details and accessories.

Detail of the bathroom on the first floor
Bathroom and bedroom on the first floor

Visualisation of the living room

Visualistation of the kitchen

Visualisation of the bedroom and bathroom on the 1st floor

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Dining space

View on the living room

View on the kitchen

Living room


Katarzyna Kowal

Marcin Czechowicz

Maciej Studzieński

Magda Kazimierczuk, Olga Stróżyna