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Oiko Apartment, Warsaw

Oiko Apartment, 65 m2, Old Prague, Warsaw, 2008. After demolishing construction wall between living room and kitchen, space appeared for the small cubic bathroom with translucent wall in the shower. Glass is giving access to daylight from the kitchen. Bathroom cubic on one wall has wardrobe accessible from the living room, and kitchen kit accessible from the side of the kitchen. Black kitchen island in a middle with the access to electric herd from all around makes it easier to cook for 2 people in the same time.

Graphic on a wall: “Women of Felliniego” by T. Jezierski
View to the living room
Bathroom with glass wall to the kitchen
Light-boxes “Guys. From Poland with love” Oiko Petersen
Author of the design
Kitchen and dinning space
Detail of the kitchen island
Wardrobe built on the bathroom wall

Design of the bed construction: Marta Koniczuk

Detail of the bedroom

Katarzyna Kowal

Marcin Czechowicz

Helena Radziejewska-Szwaj