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Sasnal Apartment

Sasnal Apartment, 98 m2, Cracow, 2006. Design has brought differentiation of floor levels, opening of the space, letting in the daylight from all windows simultaneously, by demolishing all the division walls. Purity of interior in colours and forms. Solutions for furniture and cubbyholes which fuse into floor, invisible for newcomers, details limited to minimum, wardrobes and shelves merge into the background of the white walls. Colour limited to minimum: white with outline of black.

Detail of the kitchen island
Detail of the kitchen island
Office space
Souvenirs from travels
Kitchen island
View from the kitchen

Open space of kitchen and living room with the dais

Living space on the dais

Bedroom on the dais

Floor plan

Katarzyna Kowal

Mariusz Bykowski

Justyna Smolec