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Wozny Apartment

Apartment 56 m2, Premium Estate, Dom Development, Warsaw, for the couple with the small baby, 2019.  The task for the architect was to re-plan the space of the living room  with the kitchenette,  bathroom and wardrobe. The living room is not big, and a dream about the screen for movies screening , has dominated functional arrangement. The screen unfolds from the suspended ceiling above the kitchen. Huge refrigerator and the oven are located in the high kitchen construction, from the side of the main entrance door, it houses wardrobe and shoe shelves. One of the living room walls is covered with concrete panels.

Bathroom with 3D wall tails

Walk-in shower

Countertop basin, built in bathroom cabinet 

View on the bathroom

Detail of the shower

Detail of the shower

Detail of the towel hanger in the bathroom

Countertop basin, built in bathroom cabinet 

Dining space-detail of flooring connection

View on the kitchen

Kitchenette with dining corner

Entrance hall

Dining room and kitchenette

Groundfloor plan of the flat   

Katarzyna Kowal

Lukas Richter

Katarzyna Kowal